Mom Loses Cat After He Runs On Beach Before Hurricane Irma But Stranger Finds Him 1 Month Later

by Mauricio Castillo
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Lisa Marie Begall and her family moved thousands of miles from Germany to Florida along with their beloved cat Oscar.

Unfortunately, they — like many other Floridians — had to deal with Hurricane Irma which ravaged the state.

The family — who own an RV rental business — decided to pack up and flee before the hurricane hit land.

This of course included Oscar the cat.

And so they filled one of their RVs with supplies and departed, but that’s when the unthinkable happened.

“At the last pit stop at Navarre Beach, Oscar hopped out of the RV and ran on the beach trail to the ocean,” Lisa Marie recalled.

They searched everywhere. It almost seemed like the ocean had washed him away.

The three year old rescue cat was gone.

Lisa Marie thought she had made the wrong decision; perhaps she should have left him to brave the hurricane at home alone.

“The intention of taking him was to save his life, and it felt like he lost his life,” Lisa Marie said.

Still unable to completely give up, Lisa Marie posted on Facebook, detailing what happened to Oscar and if someone had any information about him to contact her directly.

A month went by.

Check out how a stranger found Oscar the cat and reunited him with his family in the video below, and please SHARE it on Facebook!

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