When Parents Die, 4 Orphans Must Spend Night In State Custody—But Trooper Drives Off With Them

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

On Halloween 2015, Donald and Crystal Howard left their Georgia home to buy face paint and candy for their children.

Before they could return home, Donald and Crystal were killed in a car crash. They had four children waiting for them at home: Trayvion, 6; Daimean, 8; Amiah, 10; and Justin, 13.

On the night their parents died, Trooper Nathan Bradley waited for the siblings’ grandmother to arrive. However, she said she wouldn’t make it for at least seven hours.

Instead of delivering the devastating news right away and putting the children in state custody, Trooper Bradley took the four costumed kids under his wing.

Instead of driving them back to the precinct, he drove them to McDonald’s and Burger King for milkshakes and fries, treated them to ice cream and candy, gave them a tour of the police station, and let them watch movies and read magazines.

He made them laugh and smile.

“He was their angel,” Fox News reported.

“As we made our way to the post, the boys celebrated me ‘being the best cop ever,’ Nathan wrote. “They didn’t know I was bearing terrible news, so I struggled to accept the praise.”

Just for that one night, Nathan made sure the children had a fun Halloween. They learned the gut-wrenching truth the following day.

The four siblings are now living with their grandmother — and Trooper Bradley has raised nearly half a million dollars for them.

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