Orphaned Gorilla Makes A New Best Friend

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Keeping an exotic pet sounds like it would be an incredibly unique experience. Too often, however, I hear stories of people taking in wild animals as pets and abandoning them once they realize they can’t raise them like a cat or dog.

This was the case for a sweet gorilla named Parry. He began his life in the wild with his mother, but everything changed when she was killed. Parry was whisked away, out of the home he knew, and into an environment totally unsuitable for a gorilla.

He was kept as a pet in someone’s home until he did what all gorillas do, he grew up. His owners decided he was getting too big to keep around and abandoned him back in the wild.

After being away from the forest for as long as he was, he no longer had the skills to survive on his own.

Scroll down for a look at Parry’s arduous and incredible journey, and let us know what you think of his story in the comments!

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When villagers in Cameroon found Parry, they could tell something was wrong.

The young gorilla was all alone, and was clearly very hungry.

Wildlife authorities responded to the villagers’ pleas for help, and they soon realized the gorilla was too tame to return to the forest where he was born.

He was sent to the Mefou Primate Sanctuary run by Ape Action Africa.

He was required to live in quarantine until he was healthy enough to interact with other animals.

As Parry recovered, he began to notice the other gorillas in the sanctuary.

Parry was fascinated by a gorilla named Chris that he could see from his enclosure. He even offered him play gestures from his cage.

“After weeks of watching and waiting, Parry has finally met his new friend Chris,” Ape Action Africa wrote on their Facebook page.

The two gorillas hit it off right away.

Moments after meeting, they were playing and wrestling, and having a ball.

“We can never replace the family that Parry has lost,” Ape Action Africa wrote.

“But we have made a lifelong commitment to providing him with friendship and happiness amongst our other gorilla orphans.”

Soon, Parry’s new adopted family will expand.

The sanctuary plans on introducing him to two female gorillas, Luci and Chickaboo.

Although the ideal place for a gorilla is out in the wild, living at the sanctuary with his new friends is the next best thing for Parry.

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