Three Orphaned Children Get A Stunning Christmas Surprise

by Emerald Pellot
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There is no kind of unbearable sadness quite like loss. When young Bethany, Mackenzie, and Finlay suddenly lost both their mom and dad, it put a strain on their entire family.

First it was the children’s father, Dennis, who suddenly passed away. Soon after, Susan — who never got over his death — died of cardiac arrest. 

The children’s grandparents Jackie and Ken went on a local Manchester station, Key 103, to share their tragic story. “Dennis was the most wonderful father and the most fantastic husband,” Jackie says tearfully. “And I can’t do anything to take the pain away.”

Bethany, Mackenzie, and Finlay were left orphaned and their uncle Mark courageously stepped up to care for them.

Although it hasn’t been easy, with the three new additions, Mark had to rent a larger home. The overwhelming heartache and financial strain has made the holidays quite bleak. Key 103 hosts Chelsea and Mike decided to give the struggling family a little bit of hope in the darkness. First they put the family up in a hotel and had them go out to breakfast the next morning. While the family was out, they snuck in, decorated the entire place and provided the mourning kids with a ton of presents. Key 103 even paid the family’s rent this month. They were blown away.

“It’s been hard, I won’t lie,” Mark says. “But you do what you have to do, don’t you, you know. We do our best.”

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