Organizing Your Pantry Is Much Easier Than It Looks!

by Emerald Pellot
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Elle is a busy mom with young children and every busy mom with young children knows that certain things tend to fall to the wayside.

One of those things for Elle is her pantry. It had become a cluttered nightmare. Cans, open bags of chips, batteries, lightbulbs, pasta, you name it, were scattered through out the cabinet. That’s when she invited Kathryn from “Do It On A Dime” over to use her genius organization skills to get the pantry sorted.

The before and after are night and day. Kathryn shows us how we can completely organize everything on the cheap in a few easy steps. The first thing to do is take every single thing out of the pantry.

One of the number one issues with a cluttered cabinet is that you can’t easily see everything you have. That means when you go out to the grocery store, you’ll probably re-purchase items you already have. The next step is to stock up on plastic and glass containers. While they’re still empty arrange them in the pantry to see how they fit together and how you think they’ll be most convenient for you.

Next separate your items into categorical piles. Then sort your items into the containers. Using cheap dollar store labels, label each container so that you know exactly what’s in it. Then you’re all done. Remember, the way you choose to label and sort items really is key. Kathryn brilliantly puts all of the baking materials into one bin, that way you can grab and go when you need to. She places the lightest objects on the top shelves to prevent accidents, and separates opened snacks from unopened ones. To see more of these genius tips, watch the video below.

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