The Oregon Zoo Shared 14 Animal X-Rays On Twitter, And The Images Are Mesmerizingly Cool

by Angela Andaloro

Skeletons are meant to be spooky, but the Oregon Zoo has shown us all that they can be beautiful, too.

The zoo’s digital media specialist decided to share images of different animals that the zoo cares for. They aren’t any old images, however. They are X-rays of the animals taken during their wellness checks!

X-rays might not seem like they’d be all that interesting to look at, but once you see these images, you’ll understand why they had to be shared. The media specialist responsible for sharing the majestic images told Bored Panda, “I went to our Veterinary Center where the vets showed me a database full of these incredible images.

I thought these would be a spooky and fascinating way to look at wildlife during the Halloween season, but the response was unexpected. I love that teachers are using them in classrooms and adults are using them as games at Halloween parties.”

Check out all 14 of the super-cool images below!

1. Chameleon

Oregon Zoo/Twitter

The chameleon was the first X-ray that the digital media specialist saw and the inspiration for posting more images. Just check out that cool spiral tail design!

2. Ball Python

Oregon Zoo/Twitter

That’s quite the long, slithery spine!

3. Beaver's Tail

Oregon Zoo/Twitter

There’s not a lot of bone beneath that fuzzy tail.

4. Toco Toucan

Oregon Zoo/Twitter

That’s an impressive beak!

5. Tortoise

Oregon Zoo/Twitter

Check out those toes!

6. Fat-Tailed Gecko

It looks like there was a ring toss around this little guy’s tail!

7. Dwarf Mongoose

Don’t be fooled by those short legs. A mongoose can run up to 20 mph!

8. Screech Owl

Those wings are insane!

9. Tiger's Paw

Getting this X-ray done safely could not have been easy.

10. Flamingo

You could recognize those long, spindly legs anywhere.

11. Wolf Eel

We bet that strong jaw makes for a mean bite.

12. Hedgehog

The zoo assured those worried about the dark spot in the hedgehog’s tummy that it’s just gas.

13. Three-Banded Armadillo

These armadillos are flexible enough to ball up when threatened.

14. Rodrigues Flying Fox

Even though this specimen from a species of bat is lying down, he looks like he’s mid-flight during his X-ray!