This Custom-Designed ‘Wizard House’ Is A Dream Come True

by Beth Buczynski
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Close your eyes and imagine your dream house. What does it look like?

Some people might imagine a giant mansion, complete with every modern amenity.

Or maybe they see a well-appointed tiny home that they can hitch up and take anywhere they want — like this amazing portable house that has a rooftop deck for stargazing!

For those who love magic, however, their dream house might appear a lot like what they imagine houses in the wizarding world to be. They’d have lots of hand-carved wood features, secret cabinets, and intricate details that hint at a bit of magic.

It might sound like something from a fantasy, but as this custom-built Ashland, OR, home proves, if you’ve got the resources and the creativity, you too can live in a wizard house.

Looking like a place Dumbledore might escape to when he needs a break from life at Hogwarts, this amazing house is full of custom-designed features that you have to see to believe.

Scroll through the incredible images below! Would you want to live here? Let us know in the comments.

Lots of people have chosen to build their own dream homes in Ashland. But when you approach the giant carved front door of this house, you can tell something is different.

Made of Brazilian mahogany, the doors were designed by local artist Russell Beebe.

Done in a traditional Native American theme, both the outer and inner doors depict animals of the region including salmon, coyotes, and eagles.

Step through those magnificent doors, and you’ll find yourself standing in a one-of-a-kind foyer with a granite floor reminiscent of the sandy shore at the edge of a river.

Look up and you’ll see that the ceiling has been tiled with beautiful blue stones that are the exact color of the open sky.

The entryway of this amazing house is already touched with magic, but it doesn’t stop there.

Venture forward and you’ll see a custom-designed hardwood floor that flows like water.

The multi-colored floor flows effortlessly through the entire house, like a river of wood that swirls around walls and built-in planters made of river rock.

One of the most incredible places the floor will lead you to is the fireplace in the living room.

The hearth is inlaid with a glass mosaic of two dragons intertwined, their bodies creating the shape of a heart.

Follow the river floor far enough, and eventually it leads to an epic staircase unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Instead of normal railings, these stairs are flanked by intricately hand-carved bannisters that look like they’re growing right out of the steps.

Can’t you just see a wizard like Dumbledore climbing up them at the end of a long day?

Bright light flows in from the giant glass window as you follow the winding stairs higher and higher.

Upstairs, the master suite overlooks the valley with incredible views from a wall of windows.

The magical bathroom includes a double shower, a jetted tub, plus a steam shower with natural boulders for benches and double sinks in gorgeous blue van Gogh granite.

Windows throughout the house are in the shape of trees and clouds, further drawing the beauty of nature inside.

Can you imagine watching the sunset through these amazing frames?

Every window of this home frames another amazing view  Mt. Ashland, Taowhywee Point, Wagner Butte, and even the very tip of Mt. Shasta can be seen beyond Pilot Rock.

Wildlife is in abundance with regular sightings of Golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, falcons, deer, and elk.

The good news? Yes, this home is for sale!

The bad news? You’d have to win the lottery to afford it. The current asking price is $8.6 million.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about how amazing it would be to live in such an incredible palace!

Which feature of this house do you love the most? Tell us in the comments.

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