Brilliant Orangutan Finds A Way To Snatch A Baby Bottle

by C.B. Dionne
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If living in a “planet of the apes” means spending more time with orangutans, then you can count me in.

These super smart, tree-dwelling creatures are so gentle, and are known to have one of the strongest mother-child bonds of any non-human mammal. For example, you can see some of this heartwarming mother-child bonding in the way this baby orangutan tightly clings to his mama shortly after birth.

Sadly, however, some orangutans are stripped from their mothers at an early age due to deforestation and exotic animal trafficking. In turn, they are left to fend for themselves. The International Animal Rescue, though, now has a special school for these orphaned orangutans, where they learn the skills they need to live in the wild.

One orangutan who has definitely learned a few skills is this genius at the Fresno Zoo. He saw a baby bottle on the other side of his cage just out of his reach, but he didn’t let these obstacles stop him. He uses his intelligence to retrieve the baby bottle with a stick, and it’s just so impressive to watch.

Lesson learned: Don’t drop anything near an orangutan that you want to keep – they’re smart enough to take it from you!

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