Clever Orangutan Mom Uses Giant Leaf As Umbrella To Protect Her Baby From Heavy Rain

by Amy Paige
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Eddie, a tour guide, was visiting the Mount Leuser National Park in Indonesia to see the beautiful and intelligent orangutans.

This park is one of the two remaining habitats for the critically endangered Sumatran orangutans.

During Eddie’s visit, parkgoers and animals alike got caught in a heavy downpour. The tour guide was perplexed to observe some of the orangutans seeking out and picking up large caladium leaves.

But as Eddie took a closer look, he realized the mother orangutans had come up with a brilliant idea: to use these leaves as umbrellas, thereby protecting their babies from the heavy rainfall.

Orangutans are known for their incredible cognitive abilities and propensity for making tools in the wild and in captivity.

According to Orangutan Foundation International: “Orangutans have been observed making simple tools to scratch themselves. They also use leafy branches to shelter themselves from rain and sun, and sometimes even drape large leaves over themselves like a poncho. They have also been observed using branches as tools during insect foraging, honey collection, and protection against stinging insects, and to ‘fish’ for branches or fruit that is out of reach.

“In Sumatra, wild orangutans use tools to extract seeds from a hard shelled species of fruit. In captivity, an orangutan was taught to chip a stone hand axe.”

What a cool, rare moment captured on camera.

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