Pregnant Woman Reveals Her Belly To Curious Orangutan, Then Gets A Surprising Kiss

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Do you ever watch Tarzan or Doctor Dolittle and envy the relationships these humans have created with animals, as far-fetched as they may seem? I sure do.

There’s a real-life Tarzan moment in the video below, when an orangutan kisses a woman’s pregnant belly.

The video was captured by the pregnant woman’s husband. And although you may think that this is a beautiful and random moment, it might not be so random after all.

In the information included with the video, this woman’s husband said that this 48-year-old orangutan Rajang is actually his wife’s favorite animal to see at the Colchester Zoo in the U.K. She’s a frequent visitor and even bought a “zookeeper for the day” experience once so she could hand-feed him.

Everything about this is a dream to me because I love animals, especially orangutans. Being able to have a connection like this and capture it on tape is something so remarkable, which is why I believe this clip is something anyone in the world can appreciate and be moved by.

Rajang may be a male orangutan, but he knows and understands the concept of love and motherhood.

He inspected her pregnant belly and gave it a kiss through the glass — I think I would have broken down in tears!

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