Big Orange Cat Sits On Owner’s Dresser, Then Notices His Reflection Moving Next To Him

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Cat owners know that cats can be very strange animals. They do lots of really funny things, like sleeping in weird positions, freaking out at absolutely nothing, and thinking they’re better than their human owners.

In general, cats are clever, mischievous little beings — if you’ve ever woken up with a dead bird on your floor, you’ll know what I mean.

Sometimes, though, cats can be ridiculously dense. You know the moments: when they run into walls, think they can actually catch a laser pointer, etc. One person noticed his cat doing something strange, so he grabbed a camera and filmed it.

The cat, Gary, would regularly spend time lounging on his owner’s dresser. At one point while Gary was sitting on the bureau, he noticed something moving in the mirror next to him.

We, as people, understand that what Gary saw was his reflection.

However, Gary seemed to be pretty convinced that he saw another cat that he decided he should play with. In the video, Gary looks at himself in the mirror, then slowly paws at the “other cat.” Then Gary starts full-on playing with his reflection, batting his paws at the mirror over and over again.

Gary’s owner said, “Our cat Gary went through a faze [sic] where he would jump up on our dresser with the mirror and proceed to rear back on his hind legs and scratch the mirror with both front paws. It looked as though he was boxing with his reflection.”

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