Oprah Winfrey Leaves Her Audience Stunned When She Gives Them This Incredible Life Advice

by Paul Morris
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For over two decades now, Oprah Winfrey’s name is synonymous with career success. She overcame countless competitors and detractors before finally making it to the very top.

But before she “made it,” she had to work harder than anyone else around her, and never give up on her dreams and goals for life. And 25 years later, she’s still working to better herself. In the speech below, Oprah sat down for an interview in front of a live audience. A lot of the earlier questions were what you would expect, but it wasn’t until the very end of this meeting that she left with a note that can only be described as inspiring.

While all of us seem stuck in the daily grind of things — work is hard; we all worry about the mortgages; how are the kids or grandkids doing in school; what’s that weird noise coming from the car — Oprah gives us a line that’s absolutely brilliant in its simplicity:

“Your life is bigger than any one experience.” While we should always stay focused on potentially problematic things in our lives, it never hurts to take a step back and realize that things can always get better. Money might be tight, or our health might not be perfect, but as long as we can open our minds and truly experience everything that life has to offer, things will eventually open up, and we’ll all find our destiny.

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