Oprah Stands Knee-Deep In Mudslide Wreckage Days After Her Golden Globes Speech

by Lindsey Smith
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On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, heavy rain caused massive mudslides in California’s Santa Barbara County and wiped out homes in the community of Montecito.

According to CNN, 300 people were trapped in the Romero Canyon area of Montecito due to debris blocking their way out. CNN also reported that at least 15 people have died, though first responders are working hard to rescue as many people as they can.

Oprah Winfrey happens to live in the area where these terrible mudslides took place. Just days after attending the Golden Globes and giving an inspiring speech, the former talk show host posted a video to her Instagram cataloging the damage done to her property.

With her hair tied back and rain boots on, Oprah waded through the deep mud and captured the aftermath of the natural disaster.

Keep scrolling to see Oprah’s video, along with footage of first responders coming to the rescue of those stuck in the mudslides.

If you’re looking to help the victims of the California mudslides, please visit the Southern California Blood Service’s website.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Oprah

A devastating mudslide has wreaked havoc on California just a few short weeks after wildfires ripped through the state.

Wearing rain boots and a coat, Oprah Winfrey took to her Instagram to post a video of the damage done to her property.

“There used to be a fence right here,” she explained, pointing across her yard.

Oprah also posted three other videos showing just how terrible these mudslides have been.

In the first video, Oprah explained she “woke up to this blazing gas fire.”

The second video shows just how deep the mud is as Oprah points her camera down and walks through her backyard.

Oprah’s final video showed a helicopter above her. She explained in the caption that it was there to rescue her neighbors.

Just two days ago, residents rushed to fill sandbags after flash flood warnings went into place.

As KEYT reported on Instagram, areas affected by wildfires are more prone to floods and mudslides.

To show just how devastating these mudslides were, one resident posted “before” and “after” photos of her old house.

But not all hope is lost for residents. Eight brave firefighters rescued a teenage girl who was trapped in the mud and brought her to safety.

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Aerial footage shows just how destructive the mudslide has been.

The “river” on the right side of the photo is actually a major freeway.

Streets were not only flooded with water, but also with debris ranging from tree branches to huge chunks of metal and cars.

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The local sheriff described the aftermath as a “World War I battlefield” in a press interview. Crews have been working since the early hours of the morning to try to save as many people as possible.

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News footage shows just how badly the community was hit. Fox 11 reported that there was no mandatory evacuation because no one saw the mudslides coming.

California is not the only state to experience this massive mudslide and flooding: Nevada has also seen bad floods.

This footage was shot from a parking garage on the Las Vegas Strip.

Celebrity chef Cat Cora used her Instagram to post a photo of first responders helping rescue civilians after the mudslide.

“The people of Santa Barbara/Montecito (my family and I included) have been through so much between the devastating fires and now the horrific floods,” she wrote. “Thank you firefighters and first responders for all that you’ve been doing to help save this beautiful town over the last few saddening weeks.”

Rescuers are working around the clock to save anyone who has been trapped in the California mudslides.

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This intense video shows a car traveling just in front of the mudslide as it makes its way down a hill.

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No one is left behind in a natural disaster. Even in the wake of devastation, it’s amazing to see so many people come to the aid of those who were trapped in the mudslides.

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