1-Year-Old Can’t Stop Smiling As She Adorably Shreds On Her Teeny-Tiny Snowboard

by Sarah Bregel
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Snowboarding is not as easy as some people make it look. For one, it’s cold and icy, and unlike skiing, you have only one piece of equipment to balance on and no poles to help you do it.

But apparently for some, it comes naturally. An adorable 1-year-old just took to the slopes with her family and proved that not everything comes with age and experience.

The sweet little girl, whose name is Maeve, showed off her epic snowboarding skills, and they are nothing scoff at. She looks like a natural-born athlete as she cruises across the snow without batting an eyelash. She also doesn’t look scared at all on the ski lift. Not only that, she has a super-cute smile on her face, and she shreds the mounting.

Her mom can be seen in the video helping her at first, only it doesn’t look like Maeve needs that much help at all. She’s pretty much crushing it.

Her dad, John Perry, recorded the video of his 1-year-old daughter while the family was taking part in some snowy fun at the Woodward sports center in Park City, Utah. With a few more practice sessions, this little girl will be unstoppable. Maybe we’ll even see her in the Olympics! She clearly loves winter sports, so why not?

Check out the video to watch Maeve tear it up like the expert snowboarder she is.

Footage provide by Fox 13 News

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