Fluffy Jack Russell Runs Onto Floor At Dog Show, Then Adorably Messes Up Every Move

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

A sweet Jack Russell terrier is winning hearts on the internet after his adorable performance on the agility course at the Crufts Dog Show 2017. He doesn’t have the smoothest moves, but he is pretty darn cute!

And he’s in good company — man’s best friend is a very talented creature. There are dogs out there in the world right now saving people from burning buildings and performing CPR!

Our friend might not be quite at that level just yet, but he certainly makes up for it with enthusiasm.

His name is Olly, and his story is as triumphant as it is sweet. Olly was dumped on the steps of a shelter as a 10-week-old puppy, and thought nobody wanted him.

But the shelter gave the little Jack Russell terrier lots of love. They eventually matched him up with a loving owner named Karen Parker.

Karen immediately saw his potential, and decided to help him channel some of that enthusiastic, tail-wagging energy. She put him in agility training classes, and he eventually made it all the way to the biggest show of all, Crufts!

However, Olly is a dog who values substance over style, which showed in his performance.

He went into that show and gave it every bit of his energy. He also gave the judges quite a few laughs as they watched the happy-go-lucky pooch face-plant and catapult his way through the course.

This silly pup might not be bringing home any medals, but he won hearts and minds all over the world with his cheerful energy!

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[H/T: Crufts / The Kennel Club]

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