9-Year-Old Girl Receives Terrible Burn After Falling Asleep With Cell Phone

by Phil Mutz
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Nowadays, owning a cell phone is an absolute necessity for most people.

And while there are some amazing ways that cell phones can be used to benefit society  as with this self-defense device that can link directly to your phone  it seems that we haven’t yet fully grasped all of the potential dangers that can come along with owning one.

Olivia Retter is a 9-year-old girl living with her family in Hertfordshire, England. And when Olivia accidentally fell asleep on top of her cell phone, she and her family absolutely never expected such a shocking  and painful  result.

The Mirror quoted Olivia’s mother, “She woke up in the middle of the night and came into my room and said her leg was hurting  I just thought she was being silly and sent her back to bed.”

Olivia’s story serves as an important cautionary tale about the hidden dangers of owning a cell phone…

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olivia retter iPhone case burn

At the young age of 9, Olivia Retter has her own cell phone, but is not allowed to use it at night.

Her mother, Karly, said, “Olivia is not supposed to have her phone in her bedroom at night, but she sneaked it in and had it in her bed, so she fell asleep with it touching her leg.”

When Karly finally saw Olivia’s leg the next morning, she was absolutely shocked.

olivia retter iPhone case burn

Karly said, “In the morning, I saw this awful burn on her leg  I was so shocked a phone case could do that.”

Olivia had received a serious chemical burn from her phone case, which was decorated with unicorns and rainbows, and contained some kind of liquid and glitter.

There appeared to be no major crack that would have allowed the phone case chemicals to leak out, but Olivia was burned all the same.

olivia retter iPhone case burn

Karly said, “Doctors have said it is a severe chemical burn, and she will be scarred for life. I can’t believe it  she will have a scar in the shape of a phone on her leg.”

Doctors were able to treat the burn, which they say was the result of some kind of acid.

And while Olivia is otherwise okay, she and her family remain quite shaken.

olivia retter iPhone case burn

Olivia’s mother continued, “Imagine if it had leaked when Olivia was on the phone or holding it to her face. It could have gone on her face or her eyes.”

In addition to reaching out to the seller of the phone case, Karly posted photos of Olivia’s burns on Facebook in an effort to warn others.

olivia retter iPhone case burn

Karly’s Facebook post reads:

“Please share this as much as possible. This case is full of acid and if it cracks it will cause 3rd-2nd degree burns. This is the damage it has caused my daughter and she will be scarred for life! A lot of girls have these at the moment, so just be careful.”

Karly’s post, along with the shocking photos of Olivia’s leg, have gone absolutely viral, initially inspiring over 10,000 Facebook shares. The number of shares has since grown to more than 33,000.

olivia retter iPhone case burn

Olivia’s mother said, “You just don’t think something like that could happen.”

Thanks to Karly’s social media message, this specific phone case has been removed from shelves.

And for parents around the world, Olivia’s story has caused them to take extra precautions when it comes to their children’s cell phones.

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