Couple Owns The Oldest Log Cabin In America And Says Inside Is Like A ‘Step Back In Time’

by Emerald Pellot
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Harry and Doris Rink own and manage the 375-year-old Nothnagle Log House. It is the oldest log cabin in the United States.

In fact, it was built around 1640 – more than 100 years before the American Revolutionary War.

Located in Greenwich Township, New Jersey, the 16×22-foot cabin was built using oak logs, with new parts to the home added around 1730 and again in 1900.

The couple is concerned about what will happen to the little part of history after they die. They are looking to sell the property for a listed $2.9 million, but they hope the owner will allow them to live their final days tending to the cabin.

For years, the pair has been giving tours.

“People have started asking what’s going to happen to the cabin after we’re gone. We want it to remain an educational tool. We know there’s someone out there who wants to buy it. We just haven’t found them yet,” Doris told Caters News.

Doris and Harry have gone out of their way to keep the cabin authentic. It is filled with artifacts and antiques from the 17th and 18th centuries. Harry does the repairs, using clay and mud to fill in the cracks of the oak logs.

“We try to keep it as authentic as possible,” Doris said. “I think our visitors take a step back in time when they enter our house. When they take a step in here, it’s like they’re in a different world. They block out everything else that’s going on in their lives.”

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Photo: Caters News

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