He Saws A Wine Barrel Down The Middle, Then Transforms Half Into A Living Room Coffee Table

by Rebecca Landman
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Positioned right in the center of any given living room, a great coffee table can absolutely transform a space’s entire essence.

When Instructables user cmatthews13‘s living room needed a new coffee table, he decided to use the decorating opportunity to flex his DIY-ing muscles.

He’d seen a few handmade coffee tables online crafted out of old wine barrels and thought their project methodologies seemed easy enough for him to tackle on his own.

Once he found the perfect wine barrel for job, he had it split in half and started upcycling it into a dreamy, one of a kind coffee table.

With its sturdy base and hinged table top — perfectly concealing its spacious storage cavity — this unique coffee table took on a completely charming look.

Birthed from this builder’s own imagination, this coffee table ended up perfectly suiting his living room — transforming the space in a way only he could have accomplished.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this upcycler created his lovely wine barrel coffee table.

old wine barrels

When Instructables user cmatthews13‘s living room needed a coffee table, this builder knew right away that he wanted to create a piece of décor with his own two hands.

He scoured the internet looking for viable design options.

Eventually, he found a few exciting projects that upcycled old wine barrels into inventive new coffee tables and fell in love.

split wine barrel

This DIY-er immediately ventured down to a wine barrel supplier to find a barrel of his very own.

He had the supplier cut the barrel in half for him to save himself that headache.

Then, he stripped the halved wine barrel of its steel bands, refinishing them with oil-rubbed bronze paint, and slapping them back onto the wine barrel with new carriage bolts.

marking table base

With the wine barrel portion of his table ready to go, this builder turned his attention to the table’s base.

He used the halved barrel and a handy ruler to map out the dimensions of his table’s base.

table base

Then, he cut and assembled the base, adding a bottom board for extra support.

wine barrel table base

He then adhered the base to the barrel, taking care to keep the entire structure level.

table top

With the bottom of his table set, he began building its top.

He wanted to be able to capitalize on the halved barrel’s hollow shape and use it as living room storage.

So, he designed a top that could rest on the barrel, but also act as a door, concealing the storage below.

table lid

After attaching the oak tabletop to his table’s base with a piano hinge, his coffee table was complete!

wine barrel table

This upcycler completely reimagined an old wine barrel into a fantastic coffee table — transforming his entire living room’s look and feel with his own two hands.

What do you think of this wine barrel coffee table? Have you ever made your own home addition? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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