Old Shutters Are Repurposed Into Beautiful Planter Boxes

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Through the power of DIY, things around your house can be transformed into almost anything.

Garage doors can by transformed into big beautiful tables, shoes can be turned into lamp stands, and suitcases can be turned into cute cat beds.

With a little cutting, sanding, and painting, you can make even the most straightforward housewares into something interesting and eye-catching.

Take, for example, old shutters. An important home accessory in the past, shutters now only have a place in dusty garages and basements—but they’re actually a DIY treasure trove!

When DIY-er Diana Wearing of Diana’s DIY Den & Treasure Showcase spotted a pair of shutters at a yard sale, she looked right through these shades (so to speak) and saw planter boxes!

With a little cutting and carpentry, she transformed some old shades she got at a sale into adorable planters, ideal for storing tools or sewing seeds.

Check below to see how she was able to turn something quite bland into a cute, totally unique patio appliance.

[H/T: Diana’s DIY Den & Treasure Showcase]

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

Wearing started with a group of shutters that she collected at yard sales and flea markets.

Who knows, you may even have some in your basement or attic if you can’t find them around town.

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

These decidedly drab shades got a makeover with the help of her husband and some fence pickets.

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

Assembling them couldn’t have been easier.

The shutters made up the sides of the boxes, and a nail gun was used to keep all the wooden components together.

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

The project was so easy for the crafters that they made a huge stack of the planters in a matter of minutes.

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

The shutters create a rustic, repurposed feel and the knobs fall perfectly in the center, making them look like little drawers.

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

The different sizes and shapes made for a wide array of boxes that can be filled with gardening supplies, potting soil, flowers—you name it!

Courtesy of Diana Wearing

With a lot of imagination and a little help from a nail gun, Diana now has a collection of adorable crates that would make any crafter envious.

With the nice weather in full swing these planters are sure to get a lot of admirers who will wonder how she did this secretly simple craft.



The old shutter conversion doesn’t have to stop at planters.

With their slats and their symmetrical design, they are the perfect base for plenty of other projects like this beautiful bathroom shelf.


Their slats can also be painted different fun colors, and are already an ideal design for this patriotic faux flag.


Multiple shutter shades can be turned into a pretty back for a bed.


They can also be pressed together to created easy shelves that slide perfectly into any corner.

You can also add some mason jars, potting soil, and plants to make this hanging garden, perfect for leaning against your porch in the springtime.

Or, you can make use of a shutter’s slats and create a key and mail station with space for all of your letters.

Though they may not look it, a little tweaking can turn these shades into so many different devices and designs.

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