He Rips Apart Old Pallets And Turns Them Into A Stunning Kitchen Cabinet

by Rebecca Landman
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Old pallets in the right hands can transform into beautiful new creations.

When Imgur user timmm3000‘s friend needed more counter space in his kitchen, this builder got to work upcycling old pallets into a fabulous new mobile kitchen cabinet.

This was his fifth project in a series of pallet pieces, each getting a bit more complicated than the last.

He carefully prepped each wooden plank before the build, choosing the least warped slats he could find.

Outfitted with two lower doors, a beautifully sealed countertop, a pearly white enamel coating, and a few wheels so the piece could easily move about his friend’s kitchen at will, this DIY-er’s remarkable new creation was complete.

Thanks to his upcycling skills, this inventive builder fashioned his friend a lovely new kitchen addition.

Scroll through our gallery to learn more about how this upcycler repurposed old pallets into a gorgeous new rolling kitchen cabinet.

old pallets

When Imgur user timmm3000‘s friend needed more kitchen counter space, his faithful, DIY-savvy friend got to work crafting him a new, dreamy rolling cabinet.

old pallets

To bring this project to life, this builder decided to upcycle a few used pallets.

He got started by combing through each pallet’s plank selection, thoroughly sanding and stripping his choices of any lingering screws and nails.

cabinet frame

As he began adjoining each wooden piece in place, he dry-fitted structurally adjacent sides together, ensuring they were level.

cabinet wheels

Per his friend’s request, he added a set of wheels to one side of the cabinet, so it could easily move about the kitchen as needed.

kitchen cabinet

This lucky builder happened upon one particularly tightly slatted pallet, so kept it intact, sheared it in half, and used one of those halves as the new cabinet’s middle shelf.

kitchen cabinet doors

The cabinet’s lower doors proved to be quite tricky builds, but with some diligent maneuvering, this DIY-er was able to perfectly fit them into position.

painted cabinet

Every great cabinet needs a solid countertop.

For this project, this Imgur builder sealed his new countertop with six hearty coats of varnish, achieving a gorgeous finish.

kitchen cabinet

With three fresh coats of paint, this cabinet was nearly complete.

All it needed now was some snazzy hardware.

When his friend needed more counter space, this DIY-er tapped into his newly honed upcycling prowess and built a gorgeous rolling kitchen cabinet out of tired pallets, transforming old materials into fresh, elegant décor.

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