People Ignore Lonely Old Man On Street Corner Every Night—Until Stranger Asks Why He’s There

by June Rivers
When she's not blogging for the 'net, June loves cuddling with her cats and reading in her library at home.

Every night, an elderly man sat on the same street corner in Phoenix. Rain or shine, he’d remain under the fluorescent lights of a Church’s Chicken restaurant until it closed.

The man would always be hunched over his walker with a sign that said “copper coins for sale.”

People would drive past him, never stopping to ask the fragile old man why he insisted on selling his coins outside in the Phoenix heat.

One sticky, humid evening, a woman named Lisa Fandrich noticed the old man pushing both his wheelchair and walker. Her heart instantly broke for him.

Night after night, Lisa would find him in the exact same spot. And then, on yet another hot day in June 2017, she finally decided to approach him and learn his story; she knew there must’ve been a reason for all this.

Lisa ended up making a stunning discovery about the old man, whose name she learned is Paul. He let her snap a photo of him, and she shared it online… along with his story.

After a news anchor shared Lisa’s post on social media, Paul’s story went viral. But he never expected what happened next.

And to think, all it took was someone taking the time to stop and say hello.

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Footage provided by KPNX Phoenix

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