92-Yr-Old Man Built ‘Party Palace’ And When He Dies People Find It’s Been Untouched For 35 Years

by June Rivers
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From the outside, this home in Sturgis, Michigan, seems normal and modest enough. But step inside for an imaginative and glamorous glimpse into the past.

Back in 1979, Ralph Levin — an “iron tycoon” who founded a successful scrap metal company — built a palatial six-bedroom home with his wife Renee.

In 2014, Ralph passed away at the age of 92. Renee passed two years later. The home was vacant for several years before people went inside and discovered what had been hiding behind the exterior all along.

The Levins created a bona fide “party palace” with the intention of throwing lavish large-scale parties… and that’s exactly what they did.

But the house had not been redecorated since it was first built! There are golden lions, tiger statues, a glass bar, arcade and gumball machines, a velvet staircase and purple shag carpeting. There’s also an indoor swimming pool complete with a slide, sauna, hot tub, and bar.

“It’s a house that was built to live life to the fullest,” said Dennis Bamber, the listing agent. “The [family] pictures I’ve seen from the previous owners, looks like the kids had a ball here — growing up here.”

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