Man Finds Broken Bed Frame In Trash, Then Uses $15 To Transform It Into A Gorgeous Bench

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Here at LittleThings we cover a lot of furniture makeovers: from hutch cabinets to wine-barrel coffee tables, we don’t discriminate.

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Although I’ve written about a lot of furniture transformations, this one really blew me away.

After finding a worn-down old bed frame in his friend’s trash, this man realized he could make something beautiful out of this “garbage.”

He gathered up all the pieces of wood and brought them home to his garage. He laid them out on the floor and started planning how he would create something new out of the old bed frame.

He posted the photos of the transformation process to Imgur, a photo-sharing site.

Scroll down to see the pictures he took, and learn more about how he transformed the old bed frame into a gorgeous bench.

bed frame

After finding an old wooden bed frame in a friend’s trash pile, this man decided to completely transform it.

On Imgur, he wrote, “Started as wood scavenged from a friend’s house (was set to be thrown away).”

old frame

The first thing he decided to do once the bed frame was in his garage was get to work on the footboard.

“Took this footboard and cut it in half,” he explained.

After cutting down the footboard, he put the pieces of the bed frame back together in order to test the fit.

He knew he wanted to make a bench out of the bed frame, though first he needed to make sure it all fit together correctly.

pocket holes

The next step, he explained, was making some holes.

He wrote, “Drilled pocket holes into the footboard ends so that it may be added to the back.”

scrap wood bench

To make the seat part of the bench, he decided to use scrap wood, since it would hold more weight than the wood from the bed frame.

He explained, “Used scrap plywood to create a seat. Used 2×4 beneath the seat for stability. Used screws/nails and wood glue to hold it all together. Then super sanded everything, majority by hand.”

bench painted black

After finishing all the woodwork, the next step really transformed the bench’s look.

The creator wrote, “Finished sanding all the loose paint off, followed by cutting the posts in half and routing the edge. Then primed the majority of the project in black. (Missed a few spots.)”

painting bench

Once the primer dried, he went back in with some white paint.

He used a paint roller on the flat parts of the bench, then went back into the nooks and crannies with a paintbrush.

painted bench

After the first coat of paint, it was still too thin and streaky, so he went back for a second coat.

He explained, “Second coat of white paint, followed by a light distress to bring out some black paint to accent.”

finished bench

Finally, he added some pillows and decorations. He wrote, “Vinyl used to create the words and chicken. Total cost: $15 (paint, vinyl, few screws/nails).”

How stunning is the final product? The farmhouse style is perfect for anyone who loves this kind of vintage style.

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