Ohio Family Gets Over 35 Million Views On TikTok With Their Incredible Pond Transformation

by Angela Andaloro

An Ohio family’s simple transformation of their backyard pond has captivated TikTok viewers. User MelodyJoy shares tidbits of her daily life with her followers.

In one video, she showed how her dad and her brother worked on turning the pond at their home from murky to mesmerizing.

“So our pond has always been super brown,” Melody says in the video. “And my dad decided to try to dye it. He bought these packets that just dissolve in the water.”

The video shows Melody’s dad and brother get in a boat and start dumping the blue dye into the water. It starts out as a weird blend of the blue dye and the naturally muddy water.

But by the next day, the blue had taken over the entire pond. The simple trick took their pond from drab to fab in just 24 hours. Viewers are obsessed with the pond transformation.

“The pond is right next to our house. We live in a rural area of Ohio, so it’s natural to the environment here. We have dyed our pond black before and we didn’t really like the results so we decided to go with a prettier color this time. It turned out way better than we imagined it would,” Melody told Newsflare.

“A lot of people have been questioning the safety of the dye, but it is 100% nontoxic and is completely safe for the wildlife. People also have been asking if we swim in the pond, the answer is no. It’s not that it isn’t safe, we just have a pool, so swimming in the pond just doesn’t make sense.”

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