Dog Goes Missing From Ohio Home, Then Miraculously Turns Up 1 Year Later In Florida

by Angela Andaloro

An Ohio family was totally crushed when their dog disappeared during a nightly walk. Lydia Perlman received the dog as a furry birthday present from her parents.

The teenager loved Bruno, the 3-year-old 14-pound Pekingese. Bruno was adopted from an animal shelter in Parma, Ohio. For seven months, Bruno was an integral part of the family.

One night, Lydia’s dad took the dog out for a walk. That’s when everything went wrong. “My dad was walking him and he had his harness and his leash on and all of a sudden, he just ran away. And this was at 9 p.m,” Lydia explained to Fox 8. Bruno disappeared on April 13, 2018. The family did everything they could to find their missing dog.

They scoured the neighborhood and spread the word through social media, but no one could find Bruno.

Lydia’s mom, Carolyn, was worried sick about the poor missing pooch. “Was he hit by a car? Did someone take him? Are they treating him OK? Just always wondering where he is,” she explained.

On April 13 of this year, something amazing happened. The Perlman family received a call from an animal shelter in the Florida Panhandle. Staff had scanned a dog’s microchip and discovered it was Bruno. “Someone brought him in because he was wandering around the neighborhood for a couple days in the rain. And we were all screaming, we were so happy,” Lydia explained.

Lydia’s parents plan to take a trip to pick up Bruno soon. He’ll come home to a puppy brother, a Lab mix named Jared adopted by the family when they thought Bruno was gone for good.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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