Pregnant Mom’s Husband Is Killed On Duty; 9 Months Later, She Sees The Name On Newborn’s Onesie

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Just days after her husband passed away, Dechia Gerald found out that she was pregnant.

Officer Matthew Gerald was killed in the line of duty on July 17, 2016, but she had conceived just five days before.

Dechia gave birth to Falyn Matthew Gerald, a healthy baby boy, weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz. and measuring 19.5 inches long.

If the moment wasn’t emotional enough for the Geralds and their friends, the mom captured a tender moment with the newborn just moments after he was placed in her arms for the first time. She wears her husband’s wedding ring around her neck, and the baby held onto it when she cradled him in her arms.

Little Falyn already has a nickname too!

The officer’s colleagues have started calling him “Baby Buttons.” “Buttons” was his father’s nickname when he was in the force, so it only seemed appropriate that the infant should carry on his father’s legacy with the name. They even presented the family with a onesie with the nickname embroidered on the front!

Dechia told WAFB, “It was very overwhelming… very emotional. Every emotion you could imagine comes at one time, all at once, but it’s very exciting.”

The infant may never know his father, but it’s certain that his mother and the officer’s former colleagues will tell him everything there is to know about him!

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