Dad Frantically Flags Down Police Car And Dash Cam Shows Officer Helping Deliver Baby

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she starts planning the baby’s nursery, planning name options, planning how to manage money, and even planning the birth itself.

Obviously, births don’t always go as expected, but having a birth plan can make the pregnancy process easier.

Some moms have more basic plans (like whether they want a natural or medicated birth), though others go into intricate detail: making playlists, packing snacks (for partners), and getting outfits prepared.

What no mom ever plans for is giving birth in a car. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens for some women.

Two expecting parents jumped in the car when the pregnant wife went into labor. But labor progressed much faster than they expected, and she felt the urge to push while they were still driving to the hospital.

Her husband stopped the car, and when he saw a police car driving by, he flagged down the officer.

Sgt. Nick Cicale pulled over and realized what was going on. He quickly jumped into action, helping the mom give birth to her baby.

Nick’s dash cam captured the entire thing, which you can see in the video below.

Later, Nick visited the new parents and baby Carlos in the hospital. Both mom and baby were doing well, and Nick got to hold the baby he helped deliver.

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