Sergeant Steps Up To Fix Hole In Woman’s Roof Before Bad Weather Hits When No One Else Will

by Mauricio Castillo
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Police officers set out to protect and serve. One sergeant from Olathe, Kansas, definitely lived up to that purpose.

KTVI St. Louis reports that the Olathe Police Department received a call from a woman with a hole in her roof.

A Facebook post by the police described her call and the subsequent actions from members of the department, which went viral.

The officers recalled their experience with the woman, who initially called to express her worry about her home. They knew storms were on the way, and she apparently had nowhere else to turn.

Without a fix, the wintry weather would definitely enter her home through the hole in the roof.

Without any other options, she called the police, who immediately sought to help her out. They tried to find someone willing to repair the roof for her.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any luck. Eventually, one of the officers decided to take matters into his own hands.

“When officers couldn’t find anyone to repair it, Sergeant Wessling stepped in,” the department’s Facebook post read. “He went home, grabbed his tools and some shingles, and repaired her roof.”

Talk about serving your community!

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Footage and photo provided by KTVI St. Louis

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