Police Officer Finds A Mysterious Bag Left On His Car

by Paul Morris
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Orange County policeman Bob Taft takes his job very seriously. Becoming a police officer was a very important dream of his, and when he finally earned the right to have a badge, he happily pledged to always uphold the law and to always do his best to keep the peace.

But recently the nation’s current political climate has propped up an anti-police atmosphere. Bob always considered himself one of the “good guys,” but nowadays it seems that police officers from all over America have to be extra-vigilant against any random attacks.

So when Bob went out on a call, he was a bit concerned when he noticed a small white bag lying on top of his police cruiser. With all of the anti-cop rhetoric out there, he was probably fearful that it could be a mean prank, or even a small explosive device of some kind.

As he approached the bag, he suddenly saw there was a small blue bow attached to the top. He took the chance and opened the bag and couldn’t help but smile when he saw what was written all over it.

Please look at the pictures below to see what Officer Bob found in the bag!

[H/T: Independent Journal]

The brave men and women of the Orange County Police Department put their lives on the line every single day. But due to recent random attacks on their fellow cops, they’ve been a bit on edge lately.

So when Officer Bob Taft saw that someone had left a mysterious bag on his car, he was understandably wary; it could be anything ranging from a teenage prank to a deadly explosive.

But suddenly, Officer Taft noticed a blue ribbon, and something in his soul told him it was okay. He opened the small bag and couldn’t help but smile when he saw what was hidden inside.

Candy! Along with the kind words from a complete stranger who was thankful for his daily sacrifice:

  • Lifesaver, to remind you of the many times you have been one
  • Smarties, to give you wisdom for those split second decisions
  • Starburst, for the burst of energy you need
  • Hershey’s Kisses, to show our love for you
  • Gum to help everyone stick together
  • Tootsie Roll, to help you roll with the punches
  • Peppermint Patty, to help you keep your cool
  • Dum Dum, because you deal with a lot of them
  • Pay Day, because you’re not doing it for the money
  • Laffy Taffy, to remind you that laughter is a great stress reliever

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