Check Out This Eco-Friendly, Off-The-Grid Caravan

by Angel Chang
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There’s something very exhilarating about being immersed in a natural environment. Living in nature, without the distractions of technological applications or the frenzy that is brought on by paying excessive attention to the internet, can sometimes be the best thing.

There’s nothing not to love about tiny homes. Especially homes that have a unique look or story behind them — a lot of the time, they can serve as the ultimate sanctuary for us.

Perhaps the most elevated form of tiny home living was brought about by the “tiny homes on wheels” phenomenon. Some of these mobile homes are extremely ambitious, and are used for longterm road trips.

One design company, Wohnwagon, has manufactured an ingenious living space — it is completely eco-friendly, and constructed from recycled materials.

This self-sufficient home also has an incredibly exquisite interior, perhaps one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Read further to find out how this marvelous home came into being.

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Austrian manufacturer Wohnwagon ("residential," or "living" wagon in German) has built a fine mobile home entirely from naturally-sourced and recycled materials.

Tiny mobile home eco-friendly

The house has an elegant, minimalist interior with cream tones. The exterior skin is made from Larch trees, and facilitates the home's other functions: a "green" roof and solar rooftop panels.

Eco-friendly tiny home on wheels

The bed is fully equipped with storage compartments and pullout contraptions.

Tiny mobile home caravan

See how these functions can save a ton of space!

Tiny home green solar panels




Natural light is let in by the triple-glazed windows adjacent to the bedroom area. Energy generated by the roof panels is stored in batteries beneath the caravan.

Tiny home with wheels and solar panels

The bathroom comes with a composting toilet. Rainwater and gray water are collected and recycled to create water for drinking, household usage, and the roof irrigation system.

Tiny home with wheels and solar panels

There is also an open kitchen and dining area that separates the bathroom and the bedroom.

Tiny home caravan

The insulation is powered by locally sourced sheep wool, clay plaster, and recycled spruce and wood-fiber panels.

Tiny home living caravan

Each mobile home that Wohnwagon designs and produces can be customized — more details, including furnishings and prices, can be found on the website.

Each mobile home that Wohnwagon designs and produces can be customized — more details, including furnishings and prices, can be found on the website.

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