Scathing Obituary Invites Texas Governor To COVID-19 Patient’s Funeral

by Amy Paige
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“Honest obituaries” are popping up in newspapers nationwide — obituaries for people who died of COVID calling on politicians and other influential leaders to prevent more deaths like those of their loved ones.

Isabelle Papadimitriou was a 64-year-old mother and respiratory therapist from Texas who dedicated her life to helping sick people breathe easier.

She died of COVID-19 on July Fourth and most likely contracted it from work.

According to The Monitor:

“Papadimitriou had been journaling about her symptoms the day before, spent two days attempting to access testing, and confirmed her positive status on June 29. Her last entry was on July 2, in which she wrote, ‘Still not feeling well today. I have lots of coughing this morning. Feel weak.’ The day prior, Papadimitriou wrote that she could barely eat, had a fever of 102 degrees, and rotated to drain the lungs — side to side and stomach to back. She was afraid to go to the hospital, knowing they were at capacity.”

When Isabelle’s daughter Fiana wrote her beloved mother’s obituary, she decided to include a scathing message for the government.

The obituary mentioned how much Isabelle loved her dogs, for example, but Fiana also mentioned “the carelessness of politicians” led to her mother’s “undeserving death.”

Then there was the funeral invitation Fiana and her family publicly gave to the governor of Texas himself.

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