500-Pound Woman Who Has Struggled With Weight Her Entire Life Finally Gets Help On ‘The Doctors’

by Emerald Pellot
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Chrissy has always struggled with her weight. By the time she was in seventh grade, she weighed over 300 pounds. Now, at 500 pounds, she fears she won’t make it to see her 35th birthday.

After Lap-Band surgery failed her, she regained the weight she’d lost over two years within just a few months. Just two years ago, Chrissy developed pericardial effusion, a condition that causes an accumulation around the heart. After undergoing surgery, doctors told her that, had she waited another week, her heart would have stopped beating.

Now, Chrissy’s weight is causing her body physical pain. She just wants to make positive changes in her life and not constantly live in fear of an early death.

“I want to be a different person,” Chrissy said on The Doctors. 

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Kai Nishi and internist Dr. Melina Jampolis assessed how Chrissy’s weight was affecting her health.

“[My weight] has taken everything [from me]. You look in the mirror and don’t see yourself that way, but then you feel all of the things that hurt,” Chrissy says.

Dr. Jampolis discovered that Chrissy had elevated-fasting blood, elevated-fasting insulin, and was nearly diabetic. She also found a vitamin D deficiency and evidence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Dr. Jampolis explained that PCOS could be managed with diet and lifestyle.

“I truly think with [the] right diet approach that we’re going to get you on the right track permanently,” Dr. Jampolis said. “You have done a lot of different things part of the way, but you haven’t done them all together, all the way. But I really, really do believe that you have enough things that we can help you with — that you can do this, if [you] want it badly enough.”

The Doctors also provided Chrissy with an all-inclusive six-month stay at Premiere Fitness Camp for free.

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