Rescuers Search Foreclosed Home, Find ‘Obscenely Fat’ Cat Abandoned By Humans

by Emerald Pellot
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When a group of rescuers were searching a foreclosed home in New Jersey, they stumbled upon Sprinkles, a cat considered the largest in America.

Stacy Olandt couldn’t even pick her up when she found her.

“This isn’t just a pudgy cat – this is a medical issue, overweight cat,” Stacy said. “Our vet has been in practice for more than 40 years and he has never seen such a fat cat. “

Sprinkles was so large, she could not walk and was unable to roll over.

“We didn’t know anything about her owners,” added Stacy. “She is constantly craving attention and is so overweight that we would surmise that she was left alone to feed and eat too much.”

Sprinkles weighed 32 pounds, about the same as the average 4-year-old boy instead of the healthy 11 to 13 pounds that is normal for her domestic shorthair breed.

“This is an obscenely overweight cat. She could not walk when we got her, and she is still unable to roll over,” she said.

The large cat had fleas and ear mites and was covered in urine burs when she was discovered. Fortunately, the rescuers at SOS have created a diet plan for Sprinkles and she is already able to walk again.

After the cat loses weight, she will have to undergo surgery to remove excess skin. Thankfully, the vet has agreed to do it pro bono.

“We think that Sprinkles has a very bright future. She is only 4-years-old and is extremely social and friendly,” added Stacy.

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