OB-GYN Delivers Her Patient’s Twins Only 14 Hours After Giving Birth Herself In The Next Room

by Caralynn Lippo
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Talk about a dedicated doctor!

Hilary Conway, a Washington OB-GYN at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, formed a special bond with one of her patients over the course of the woman’s pregnancy. Katie Moss, Dr. Conway’s patient, was pregnant with twins at the same time that the doctor was pregnant with her own second daughter.

“Katie was my patient for close to a year before she was my OB patient, and she is someone I easily relate to,” Dr. Conway told People. “I think we bonded on a number of levels during this time, prior to her becoming pregnant. We were close enough that I had given her my cell phone number, which is not something that I give out frequently.”

Dr. Conway was upset when she realized that she might not be able to deliver Katie’s baby. Despite the fact that her due date was one month prior to her patient’s, twins are often born earlier — which is exactly what wound up happening in this case.

Fortunately, a lucky twist of fate made it possible for Dr. Conway to assist with Katie’s delivery.

The dedicated OB-GYN gave birth to her daughter, Verna, on December 12, 2017, and was on bed rest in her hospital room when she found out that Katie had gone into labor. Even more coincidentally, her patient had been admitted into the room right next door!

When she realized how close Katie was, Dr. Conway knew she had to be there. She fed her newborn, left her in the care of nurses, and prepped for the delivery. Katie’s twins were born on December 13, 2017, only 14 hours after Dr. Conway gave birth to her own daughter.

“I was hoping to see [Dr. Conway] maybe the next day, but not so soon and so awake!” Katie told People. “She looked completely normal, unlike she just had a baby half a day earlier!”

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