NYC ‘Tree Men’ Know A Lot About Christmas Trees, But Do They Know Everything?

by Roxy Garrity
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Every year, beginning in November, “Tree Men” (and women) come to New York City with hundreds of Christmas trees in tow.

Francois, a “Tree Man” from Montreal, Quebec, told LittleThings, “I’m not the only one who brings this Christmas spirit and fragrance to people in a very concrete city.” For the past decade, Francois has been living in a van he’s named Elvis for five weeks out of every year on the Upper West Side. He sells Christmas trees he gets from Canada and North Carolina.

“I’m not a New Yorker as they say they adopted me here,” said Francois who asked that his last name not be published to protect the privacy of his wife and four young kids.

Francois is also featured in a new documentary fittingly called Tree Man,which will show at the Symphony Space on December 27.

We caught up with Francois and other “Tree Men” around the city, but pay close attention to which question stumped even the most seasoned of Christmas tree vendors!

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