Woman Welcomes 8-Day-Old Foster Baby Into Her Home And Finally Gets To Adopt Him 3 Years Later

by Angela Andaloro

New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) often deals with a lot of heartbreaking circumstances.

The agency, which removes children from abusive or otherwise unfit living situations, often finds itself having to break up families for the good of the children.

An adoption event in Brooklyn recently showed the happier side of the tough job: finding new forever homes for children in the foster care system. It also raises awareness for National Adoption Month.

The children in the foster care system range in ages from toddlers to teenagers. Many of the older children have moved around a great deal while in the system.

One 14-year-old girl was in foster care for 12 years and lived in 18 homes — now, she’s finally been adopted.

The adoption event at Brooklyn Family Court saw as many as 40 new families come together officially. New York City estimates that approximately 900 children in the foster care system are adopted each year, although there are over 9,000 more children in the system who are in need of permanent homes. It’s a rigorous process that involves interviews, background checks, and investigations.

Although it’s a tough process, if you ask any of the new families who came together at that event, they’ll tell you that the outcome makes it all worth it.

One woman, who had been fostering a little boy since eight days after his birth, was finally able to adopt her son after three years. “He was already in the family, but we’re making it official,” she said.

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