A NutriBullet for Every Kind of Mom

It doesn’t matter if you are a mom whose meals are always Pinterest-perfect or someone who is wondering if you can get away with chicken nuggets again; we all want ways to make feeding our families a little easier. If we can make mealtime easier, healthier, and even a little cheaper? YES, PLEASE!

This is why we are loving that there is a whole line of NutriBullet blenders that are making life easier for all kinds of moms. You may know that NutriBullet can help you make awesome kid-friendly smoothies, but that is just the start. Read on to find out how every mom can step up her kitchen game with the right blender. And yes, that means you, mom who hates to cook!

Moms Who Are New To The Smoothie Game


Making smoothies is one of our favorite food hacks, especially if you have picky or veggie-hating kids. Not only are smoothies delicious (and super portable for those crazy mornings when breakfast is happening in the car or not happening at all), but they are perfect for making sure your kids get healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet. There is really nothing like the satisfaction of watching your pickiest eater being none the wiser as she happily sips a smoothie filled with spinach or carrots. The original NutriBullet is perfect for smoothie-making and hardly takes up any room in your kitchen. This model is totally user-friendly with dishwasher-safe cups and rinse-off blades. If you keep some frozen fruit in the house, you’re probably never more than two minutes away from being able to hand your kid a smoothie. Love that!

Moms Who Need A Drink

Moms Who Need A Drink

The kids are finally in bed. Your favorite TV show is about to start. Your bra is off, and your cozy pants are on. Is there anything that could make this moment better? Well, how about a Low-Sugar Cucumber Margarita? Yeah, that would work! With a powerful 900-watt motor, the NutriBullet PRO is perfect for blending ice to make a dreamy cocktail. And you can even pop a flip-top lid on the blending cup for sipping on the couch when you don’t want to get another dish dirty. And yes, it still makes kid-friendly smoothies in the morning (after a good rinse, of course), but you deserve a nighttime treat, too!

Moms Who Go Hard-Core When It Comes To Homemade

Maybe you are a mom who already loves to cook and bake. Maybe you bake your own bread or can your own jam. Maybe you are the unofficial queen of the school bake sale? Why not step it up and go for a totally homemade PB&J by making your own nut butters? Or use the excess tomatoes you grew in your garden (because we know you have the best backyard garden on your block) for a killer cold or warm soup? The NutriBullet Rx has a super-strong motor that lets you do all that! It even has a function that lets you make a hot soup, no stove required. Not only does making stuff homemade taste better and cost less, you also get to feel super smug about being awesomely old school in the kitchen.

The Data-Driven Mom

woman phone

There are two kinds of moms out there: ones who say “Why would I need that?” and ones who say “FINALLY!” when they hear that there is a personal blender option that includes a built-in scale and a Bluetooth connection to an app. If you are the kind of mom who uses apps to track your steps, your calories, or your fitness, the NutriBullet Balance is going to make your data-nerd heart happy. Full disclosure: We were a little skeptical about this one at first, but it turns out that it’s really cool. You can use the app for personalized recipes, and the built-in scale helps you measure portions and track calories and other nutrition info, which is key for folks trying to follow low-carb diets.

The Mom Who Needs Options

Yes, you want to make smoothies. But you also want to make nut butters. And you want to be able to have crushed ice. And how about a big batch of homemade salsa or spaghetti sauce? If you’ve ever wanted to get a NutriBullet but weren’t sure if you could give up having a traditional blender too, the NutriBullet Blender Combo is going to be your jam. And no, you can’t actually use it to make jam, but how about a tasty Avocado Hummus instead? You can use the multiple settings to help you prep for almost any meal that involves chopping, grinding, or blending, or you can just use the big 64-ounce pitcher to make smoothies for the whole family. It doesn’t take up much counter space, which is good because you can use this one all day long.

Now, aren’t you in the mood to go stock up on some frozen fruit and veggies (pro tip: you can use frozen cauliflower in smoothies and your kids won’t even blink an eye) and let the blending begin?

By Wendy Robinson