More Nurses Teaching Themselves To Sew To Make Sleeping Mats For Homeless Using Surgical Wraps

by Amy P
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Operating room nurses and hospital staff members already dedicate their lives to helping others. Now many of these hardworking men and woman are taking their efforts beyond the medical rooms and out into the streets — where so many people need extra warmth and comfort.

Every month, hospital workers around the country meet up to sew sleeping mats for the homeless community. These mats help protect the homeless from the cold, hard ground.

The team you’re about to meet, from SSM Health St. Clare Hospital in Fenton, Missouri, is just one of the many groups of medical professionals taking part in this touching trend.

St. Clare used to toss thousands of blue, nonbiodegradable surgical wraps into the garbage. These wraps are typically used to sterilize surgical instruments.

Thanks to the sleeping mats, however, the hospital has since diverted 250 pounds of waste from away from the landfill.

“The wraps are collected before the patient enters the room or before the procedure even occurs, so they are completely clean the whole time,” says team leader Jared Faurot.

Here’s the real kicker: Most of these nurses say they had no clue how to even thread a needle before getting involved.

Despite their exhaustive and busy schedules, and the stresses that come with working as a nurse, they still managed to teach themselves how to sew.

Image source: Twitter / Henry Ford News 

Footage provided by KTVI St. Louis

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