Nurses Have Become The Unsung Heroes Of The Coronavirus Crisis, Risking Their Lives For Others

by Amy Paige
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Health care professionals are donning hazmat suits to assist people at drive-through testing sites in New Rochelle, New York — the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

In the midst of this worldwide health crisis, members of the medical community are being praised now more than ever. People in quarantine are stepping out onto their balconies to cheer and celebrate them.

“God bless them,” praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “I marvel at their courage.”

The doctors and nurses treating the coronavirus disease are heroes on the front lines, and they’re becoming invaluable. Some states are even calling on doctors and nurses to come out of retirement.

Potential fill-ins are also being recruited from medical schools.

Lisa Merck, a nurse from Colorado, would have been on the front lines — but now she knows the virus firsthand.

According to the New York Post, Lisa traveled to Hawaii for a medical conference. On the plane home, she says she came down with a simple case of the sniffles that turned into full body aches, fatigue, and painful joints by the time she got home. At first, she thought she had the flu … but her health worsened to the point she told her husband they needed to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

She has since tested positive for COVID-19 — and not even this experienced nurse was prepared for the symptoms.

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