Nurse Begs Parents Not To Bring Their Healthy Kids To The ER: ‘It’s A Cesspool Of Funky Flu’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Many doctors around the country agree: This cold and flu season has been a particularly nasty one. Thousands have been hospitalized with flu symptoms, and many of these patients have died.

Of course, once one starts experiencing the symptoms of the flu, it’s important to take them seriously and start the recovery process: Go to the doctor and rest up, drink plenty of hydrating fluids, and take some medicine.

Some folks, unfortunately, have succumbed to the illness and died. Many of these patients were children, who are especially vulnerable.

So one nurse has gone on the record to help people steer clear of the virus. Katherine Lockler is also a mother of four, and she knows how hard it is to stay healthy all the time. But in her now-viral video, she outlines some pretty basic steps to keep all that nasty bacteria off our hands — and while it all seems like a no-brainer, she says that she’s seen patients ignore this advice.

First things first: She encourages people to wash their “stinking hands!”

Then, in the video, she says that she has seen so many parents bring their healthy kids and teens and even newborns into the ER. Katherine has been baffled by groups of healthy folks going into the rooms of sick people and then leaving without sanitizing their hands. Now they can catch the flu if they rub their eyes or put their hands near their mouths or noses.

She urges people to not step into the ER unless it’s a true emergency, as they then run the risk of getting sick if they weren’t already.

Finally, she demonstrates the proper way to cover a sneeze: with one’s sleeved elbow, where germs are less likely to infect others.

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Photos: Facebook / Katherine Smith Lockler

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