Talented Nurse Brings Patient To Tears By Singing To Her

by C.B. Dionne
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Hospital nurses have very challenging and stressful jobs. They deal with life-and-death situations, wear many hats in their multitasking role, and often work tough hours. Despite all of this exhausting work, they are all too often underappreciated for the vital role they play in hospitals.

When this nurse went beyond her call of duty to make a sick patient feel special, then, it was truly moving. This talented nurse sang Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now” — a favorite of her patient — at her bedside. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and moved everyone in the room to tears. Though she’s doing an important job as a nurse, she could probably make a career out of her singing talent as well!

Nurses are such important figures at any hospital — even if they don’t sing like this multitalented nurse. They have the challenging job of interfacing with patients every day, keeping them comfortable, and monitoring their vitals and symptoms. Like this singing nurse, many go above and beyond their already challenging jobs, just like the one who delivered pre-written letters from deceased patients to their families.

It’s safe to say, hospitals would absolutely fall apart without these hardworking men and women!

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