Daily Dose Of Cute: This Adorable Dancing Dog Loves Her Human More Than Anything

by Brett Myers
Brett is a writer from Georgia living in New York with a knack for all things music, film, and Internet. He's a big fan of YouTube, horror movies, 80s music, and cheese fries.

Dogs are well known for their incredible intelligence, but when I saw this little girl show off her amazing talent?

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

We’ve seen plenty of dogs roll and jump and walk on their hind legs, but we’ve never seen a salsa-dancing golden retriever go quite this viral! This incredible dog lover, Jose Fuentes, has done what you’d never even think to do: choreograph a full salsa number with their pooch as their partner.

Carrie the dancing dog has been showing off her talents for a few years now, but there’s just something so perfect about this viral video.

And while we usually don’t like seeing a dog put in a costume, it seems like Carrie thoroughly enjoys every second of it and loves her human more than anything in the world.

Fuentes noticed that Carrie loved to hop on her hind legs when she was just a puppy. So after a few months of dance training, it quickly became clear just how quick of a learner she was. Fuentes couldn’t keep up with how fast she learned each dance move, and when you watch her newest video, you’ll even see that sometimes she leads her human around!

Starting off with a roll, the pup stands right up on her hind legs and manages to follow her human around without even breaking a sweat. And like a good partner, she follows him through the dance as she spins, hops, and grooves all the way through. And here we thought it was hard enough teaching a dog to just not eat the furniture or poop in the house!

But it just goes to show that with enough love, trust, and training, our best friends can also make the best partner in anything. We love the bond that this human has with his “little girl,” and we’re so happy that she’s so well taken care of like all animals deserve to be!

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