Paramedic Shares Hateful Note Stranger Left On Ambulance After Van Briefly Blocked His Driveway

by Kate Taylor
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Leaving a note is almost a long-lost form of communication these days. That said, leaving a note on a car can be a good way to relay an important message.

You might be alerting the vehicle’s owner of a flat tire or busted headlight. Of course, sometimes the message is not always a nice one.

For example, there was the time strangers covered a woman’s car in huge “shame” signs for parking in a handicapped spot without realizing that she was actually undergoing cancer treatment.

Something similar recently happened in the UK, but it might be even more baffling. A disgruntled neighbor left a nasty note on an ambulance.

That’s right — an ambulance.

The reason? He was angry that they were blocking his driveway while responding to an emergency next door.

Clearly, the perpetrator had no idea his neighbor was “vomiting blood and suffering major internal bleeding,” according to Independent

The note was posted on Twitter, and people were understandably shocked.

Thumbnail Photo: Wikimedia Commons / DRattus91

Tasha Starkey, who was a paramedic on the scene, shared what the crew found after they got to the hospital.

The note reads:

You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive. 

The Independent explains that the ambulance was only parked in front of the neighbor’s driveway for about 30 minutes.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) says:

At the time, the crew were helping a man who was extremely unwell after vomiting a lot of blood. They assessed his condition and immediately took him on blue lights to hospital where he was in a critical condition.

The ambulance service also mentions that while considerate parking is a good goal, “sometimes there just isn’t time.”

The patient’s condition in this case certainly meant there wasn’t much time to park around the corner.

Still, the neighbor felt the need to pen a mean note.

As you can imagine, leaving a nasty note on an ambulance is unthinkable to most of the rest of us on the planet.

WMAS echoed this in a Tweet:

Sometimes we just don’t know what to say. This was the note left on an ambulance today. 

WMAS may not have known what to say, but other people definitely did.

The Twitter user shown above hopes that she’ll never be this out-of-the-loop.

Other users, like the woman above, couldn’t hold back their reaction quite as much.

The angry neighbor has allegedly apologized, which makes plenty of sense given the response on the internet.

Still, you have to wonder how he could have ever thought a note like that could be anything but wildly offensive.

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