He Finds Note Tied To Balloon On Anniversary Of Mom’s Death From Mystery Relative 170 Miles Away

by Amy Paige
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On a lark, Michelle Boisseau of New Athens, Illinois, decided to buy a balloon and release it out into the unknown.

She scribbled a quick note onto a piece of paper, stuck it in a plastic bag tied to the balloon, and wondered where it would ultimately land.

In her note, she asked whoever found the balloon to contact her to tell her where the balloon was found.

It was around noon on a Monday when Michelle released the balloon from her driveway.

The next morning, she received a text message from a stranger. “I found your balloon in Clinton, Kentucky this morning,” it read.

That meant the balloon had traveled about 170 miles from Michelle’s house. The man who sent the text was Tommy Ingrum, a Kentucky Department of Transportation employee.

Tommy was driving down a rural highway when he spotted the star-shaped balloon stranded on the roadside and decided to investigate.

It just so happened that he found the balloon on the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Michelle and Tommy kept going back and forth via text, asking questions about one another. And the more they spoke, the more they realized they had a remarkable connection.

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