Professor’s Wife Is Home With Family When ‘Nosy Neighbor’ Sends A Chilling Text About Her House

by Amy Paige
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In 2003, John Giuca was convicted of murder. John’s mother, Doreen Giuliano, went undercover as a “sexy cougar” to investigate possible juror misconduct and get her son out of prison.

As a result, Doreen was dubbed “Mother Justice” by the media, and her story was reported on by outlets like Vanity Fair, 20/20, and ABC’s Nightline.

But this wouldn’t be the only time Mother Justice made headlines. In 2018, Doreen was looking out of her window when some strange activity caught her eye. She noticed a strange man lurking around her neighbor’s $2 million home in Brooklyn, New York.

Doreen watched the man heading back and forth from the alleyway outside her neighbor’s home.

He continuously looked left and right, then quietly opened the front door and walked inside.

This was the home of 66-year-old psychology professor Jeremy Safran, his wife, and two daughters.

Doreen texted the professor’s wife, Jennifer. “I was just being a nosy neighbor… I notice someone going down your walkway,” she wrote.

As the minutes passed, Doreen’s texts became more and more frightening.

“He went in your side door.”

“He went into your house.”

“He is still in your house!”

Jennifer eventually ran out of her house in a state of confusion and met a frantic Doreen in the driveway. By this point, police were on their way — but the stranger was still inside.

“Jen, there’s somebody in your house!” Doreen warned her. However, Jennifer seemed comforted by the fact her husband was home, as if she felt he’d be able to protect the family.

Little did Doreen and Jennifer know the horror taking place inside the basement — and that if Doreen hadn’t sent those chilling text messages, the nightmare could have been even worse.

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