A Pregnant Dog Lays Lifelessly In A Field, But Seconds Later, I Gasped

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

The first time they went to check on a stray dog named Norah, the folks at Take Me Home Pet Rescue feared she’d be dead. Much to their surprise, Norah picked her head up as she lay on the side of the highway, all alone.

Norah was notoriously elusive, and wouldn’t let humans near. The team would watch with baited breath as Norah crossed the busy Texas highways, back and forth, walking the streets.

Finally, after several weeks of trying to trap Norah, they succeeded. They realized she looked a lot thinner than usual, and were shocked to learn that Norah had been pregnant! Just a few days before her rescue, Norah had given birth to nine tiny puppies! She’d been hiding them in the courtyard of a nearby church, safe inside the shrubs and bushes. That’s right — of all the nearby places, Norah and her pups took refuge at the United House of Prayer.

Once the entire family was back at the rescue, Norah continued to nurse and bond with her babies — only now, they had a warm, safe environment and were off the streets for good. This remarkable story reminds me of Hero, the abandoned dog who led passersby to a litter of ten sick, newborn puppies and their exhausted mother.

Rekka fostered Norah and her puppies in conjunction with Take Me Home Pet Rescue. She shared an update of this precious canine family, saying, “She was in rough shape when we got her and was skin and bone. She’s gained weight and seems to be feeling good and she likes to run around and chase and play tug-of-war with her puppies. She is such an amazing dog!”

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