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Abused Rescue Dog Doesn’t Trust Anyone Except The 11-Month-Old Baby She Guards With Her Life

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Rescuing a dog is such a noble and amazing act — particularly when the newest member of your family is a dog who may be troubled due to a rough start in life.

I’m of the mindset that there’s no such thing as an inherently bad dog. In the vast majority of cases, so-called “bad dogs” are just the ones who weren’t given the proper love, attention, and care from the people they trusted — or never even had a home to call their own.

Elizabeth Spence is a devoted animal lover who has rescued several dogs and cats over the years. She also has three young children. All of the pets and kids get along, but the relationship between Elizabeth’s youngest son Archie and her 8-year-old rescue pup Nora is beyond heartwarming.

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Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Elizabeth Spence

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Elizabeth and her husband are parents to two sons and one daughter.

They also have five rescue animals. The couple have been adopting pets for years.

One of those rescue animals is Nora, an 8-year-old English pointer.

The Spence family brought Nora home seven years ago.

Nora had a rough start in life and, as a result, is terrified of just about everything.

The one exception is 11-month-old baby Archie, Elizabeth’s youngest son.

Nora had been a member of the family before any of Elizabeth’s three kids came along. In that time, she was fearful, but was a great dog for a growing family.

“Despite having come from an abusive situation, her sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came,” Elizabeth told Bored Panda. “She absolutely did not disappoint!”

Nora had always gotten along with Elizabeth’s other two kids.

But when Archie came along, the pair formed a quick and powerful bond.

Elizabeth, who calls Archie “the animal whisperer” on her Instagram chronicling her family’s adventures, isn’t surprised that Nora took to Archie so strongly.

“Archie is an extremely laid-back, happy, good-natured baby and all the animals seem to really respond to that, particularly Nora,” Elizabeth told The Dodo. “She came from an abusive background and is afraid of almost everything. Not Archie, though. She absolutely adores him!”

The dog and baby do just about everything together.

According to Elizabeth, Nora follows the little boy everywhere and does everything that he does.

They hang out together in the family’s playroom.

They spend time just cuddling and sitting close.

They even nap together!

Elizabeth explained that their naps happen almost daily. She’s taken plenty of photos of the adorable pair snuggling up close.

“If Archie is having a bath, Nora is lying on the bath mat waiting for him to get out,” Elizabeth explained.

“If I’m nursing him she wants up on my lap, too. If he’s going through my cupboards throwing all the dishes on the floor, she’ll be there cheering him on.”

Sometimes, the family’s other dog Remington even gets in on the napping fun!

Elizabeth told The Dodo that her three kids were taught from a young age to respect each of the dogs and to treat them kindly. For that reason, Remington and Nora trust and adore the Spence kids.

For more of Archie and Nora’s adventures, you can follow Elizabeth on Instagram.

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