Neighbors Catch Vandal Destroying Cars On Camera So They Get Revenge By Trapping Him At Night

by Jess Butler
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Usually, you depend on neighbors to lend you a cup of sugar or swap your mail back after the mailman has an off day.

However, these neighbors helped each other in a much bigger way. They banded together to capture someone who had been terrorizing them incessantly.

There was a serial vandal going around and wreaking havoc on their belongings when nobody was looking. Many of the neighbors had their tires slashes, and some even woke up with spray paint all over their cars.

They told the police, but they didn’t have much luck finding the culprit. After the community had finally had enough, they took matters into their own hands.

They set up security cameras and caught their suspect in the act. Then, they waited for him to come back and strike again. They were ready for it.

In the video below, posted on October 6, 2017, we see security footage from the night the neighbors caught their alleged vandal. They team up and corner the suspect in a garage, where he was trying to ruin more of their property.

In the end, the neighbors managed to hold him down long enough for the police to arrive and put the man behind bars.

Thanks to the neighbors’ dedication to each other’s safety, they can go on knowing that their town is safe again and that there won’t be any more vandalism.

Check out how the neighbors teamed up to finally capture their suspect in the video below, and please SHARE if you think these neighbors worked together in order to keep themselves safe!

Footage provided courtesy of KTLA Los Angeles

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