Dad Only Eats Potatoes. 40 Days Later, Doctors Can’t Believe How Much His Body Transformed

by Emerald Pellot
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Andrew Flinders Taylor decided to do a different kind of diet. Instead of giving up carbs to lose weight, he did quite the opposite: a potato-only diet.

The father of one checked in with The Doctors after doing the diet for 43 days, but he plans on keeping it up for 366 days. For Andrew, the point of the diet was to kick his food addiction.

“I wanted to change the way I thought about food so that it’s not really controlling my life,” he told 9News.

In just 43 days, Andrew dropped a whopping 35 pounds eating only potatoes. The father eats baked or mashed potatoes for every meal, with no added fat and minimal seasoning.

“When you’ve got an addiction, let’s say a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction, the best thing you can do is stop taking drugs or stop taking alcohol,” he said. “Unfortunately, you can’t do that with food; you gotta eat. So I thought, what else can I do? Perhaps I can choose one kind of food and just stick with it.”

The panel of The Doctors spoke with Dr. John McDougall, who came up with the “starch solution” diet. He believes that potatoes have enough nutrients to sustain any individual, even during times of famine.

Dr. Travis Stork praised Andrew for finding something that worked for him, although he admitted that the same results can be achieved by eating a variety of foods in a well-balanced diet.

“Lots of people in the past have lived on nothing but potatoes. I guess potatoes are a much-maligned food; people tend to think of them as empty calories,” Andrew said. “I’m hoping to show that potatoes are a health food.”

Andrew doesn’t use oils in his foods or look at calorie intake — he simply eats until he is satisfied. However, the father is careful to maintain that he isn’t doing this for anyone but himself. He’s not setting out to encourage others to go through such extreme measures. Andrew is just trying to find a solution to his personal food issues.

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