This Brilliant DIY-er Built A Dog House Without Any Nails Or Screws

by Elissa Salamy
Elissa is a writer from Philadelphia, currently studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina! She likes foreign movies with subtitles, fancy soap, loose leaf tea and punk rock.

Everyone deserves their own private space in the world, even our canine friends.

These beloved dogs can be our best friends.

They wait for us by the door to come home. They cuddle up by our feet while watching television. They love to play around. But sometimes they need a little alone time, too, like in one of these many creative DIY dog houses.

And after this adorable pup was being hassled a bit too much by his owner’s little girl, this DIY-er decided it was time for the dog to have his very own space.

He brilliantly built a DIY dog house that is easily taken apart, in case they need to use the space in their home for something else. And the best part is, he built the whole thing without using any nails or screws!

Scroll through below to see how he constructs the perfect dog house for inside his home.

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To start his one-of-a-kind dog house, this clever DIY-er acquired pinewood timber and birch plywood.

He created the base of the dog house with the pinewood, holding it together with a jig joint, instead of nails and screws.

From the base, he built up the frame of the house, handcrafting the corners to fit together perfectly.

According to this DIY-er, the walls of the house were the easiest to install. He simply cut plywood into squares that fit perfectly into the pinewood frame.

He built the roof similarly to the frame of the house, utilizing wooden pegs and just a little bit of glue to secure it.

Unlike most dog houses, his roof isn’t attached to the rest of the house. Instead, it sits on top of the base, making it easier to take things apart.

For the exterior, he decided to use some oak veneer panelling left over from another project.

Because there wasn’t a ton of veneer left, he avoided cutting the panelling, as he couldn’t afford to waste any of it. He then strategically placed a white stripe in the middle of the walls and roof as a decorative effect.

After applying the veneer, he cut a square in the front of the house. He made the opening big enough for his dog, but small enough that his very young daughter couldn’t get in.

On the frame, he applied a single layer of wood wax to finish the wood.

He also applied a high-gloss lacquer to the roof and walls of the house.

He added a pillow to the bottom of the house to make it super-comfy for his pup, with the roof fully removable for added light.

With its wood pegs and removable roof, this indoor dog house is so easy to take apart and put together again  the perfect pup-friendly home addition!

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